Hello You!

Here is a little insight into how photography came about for me…

I was the ripe old age of 4 when our family film camera came into my possession. We hosted a party & I captured some of the best blurry photos your eyes will ever see.

From that moment it sparked a love for photography, if there was a camera I would be behind it. Much to my siblings' delight they were the main characters & I would direct them with my helium voice to be a part of my dances and photoshoots.

Over the years my love for photography has grown and I think that 4 year old me would be very proud!

Get to know me....

I am sure you have a friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, sibling, long lost relative that you can call for a favour when you need a certain niche thing and that was and still is me for everyone's photography needs. Although it took me a while, I eventually realised I needed to turn my passion into something and so I opened my own business known as, Shot by Skye.

Truthfully, I am still learning everyday and I hope to always be that way with my photography and with life in general. There will always be digital cameras, iPhones and grandma's film camera with the flash, but the ability to sit behind the lens and capture a moment as it plays out in front of you is a feeling that beats all the others in my opinion.

Whether it's your special day, a new business venture, a birthday party or event, a portrait of yourself, your family, your pet, a lover or your friends. I'll always put the same amount of love and effort into it to make it the best experience possible.

I hope this has allowed you a better understanding of me and where my passion comes from. Photography is something I care about deeply and I hope my images can portray that for anyone that is on my page or stumbled across it.

Thanks for reading.

Big Love,

S x


It always helps if you know what the person behind the lens looks like, so enjoy some photos of me lapping up nature, ocean dips and sunshine.


I'm not someone to personally jump in front of the lens and pose but on the odd occasion someone manages to capture a decent photo of me, so here are some photos to allow you to put a face to the name.


'Happiness only real when shared' - Christopher McCandless (Alex Supertramp)

One of my all time favourite books is Into the Wild, I have read it at least 10 times and in the movie there is a saying that Chris writes in a book that he is reading, which reads 'Happiness only real when shared'

It's one of my favourite quotes, as it holds so much truth, you truly shine when you get to share your happiness with someone else. I feel like this is something I bring with me subconsciously to any shoot I do.